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6.23.2015 | Tristar Trucking Joins Atlas Oil as Commission Marketer in Chicagoland Region

Taylor, Michigan – June 23, 2015. Tristar Trucking has partnered with Atlas Oil as a Commission Marketer in the Chicagoland area and will begin selling on-site and mobile fueling solutions in the next few weeks. Paul Dandona, principal of Tristar, and his team spent a week at Atlas Oil’s Home Office in Taylor last week for orientation and training. "We are thrilled to welcome the T .... Read More >>

7.02.2014 | Collaborate | Planning 101: How to Plan for, Prevent and Manage a Power Failure

By: Chad Wenzel With summer upon us, meeting planners are busy gearing up for a variety of outdoor events. Organizing those events is no small endeavor, but all of your planning and coordination will be for naught if the power goes out at the big event. If it can happen at the Super Bowl, it can happen anywhere. While generators are an essential backup power solution, assuming you are co .... Read More >>

5.02.2014 | Weather or Not | Preparation is key when it comes to natural disasters

By Bob Kenyon & Jim Bieri A particularly harsh winter was a sharp reminder that planning and preparation for extreme weather are paramount to business survival. Record-breaking frigid temperatures and snowfall from the recent polar vortex incursion have made unprecedented demands on the nation’s power supply. As some owners of shopping malls and retail centers have discovered, thi .... Read More >>

Unprecedented demands on nation’s power supplies cause widespread outages

Taylor, Mich., January 29, 2014 — Record-breaking frigid temperatures from this month's polar vortex triggered unprecedented demands on the nation's power supply, causing power outages everywhere from the Midwest to Alabama. With several more months of cold weather ahead, Atlas Oil's Emergency Fuel Solutions urges business leaders and facility managers to assess their emergency preparedness .... Read More >>

1.17.2014 | DatacenterDynamics | Avoiding Data Center Downtime: The Essentials
Repeat after me: back up, don't interrupt, fuel up, train up

By Bob Kenyon It was an ominous coincidence when on the eve of the ten-year anniversary of the Northeast Blackout of 2003—a colossal disruption that left approximately 50 million people in the US and Canada without power—we were reminded once again just how vulnerable our power grid really was, when Superstorm Sandy crunched into the East Coast with catastrophic results. While the .... Read More >>

1.17.2014 | Atlas Oil Emergency Fuel Solutions Counsels Businesses On Emergency Power Planning

Widespread winter storms serve as a reminder to maintain emergency plans TAYLOR, Mich., January 17, 2014  – In the wake of winter weather and storms this week that resulted in mass power outages across the U.S., Atlas Oil's Emergency Fueling Solutions encourages business leaders and facility managers everywhere to re-evaluate their emergency power plan and resources. Atlas Oil Executi .... Read More >>

12.23.2013 | Keep your Business Connected 24/7/365 with Atlas Oil

In today's technology-driven, hyper-connected world, no one can stand to be without access to telephone and Internet networks. But that’s exactly what happens when major Telecommunications companies face a power outage. After Superstorm Sandy, ATT, Verizon Communications, Sprint Nextel Corp. and T-Mobile all reported significant coverage interruptions, providing a whole new series of obstac .... Read More >>

12.20.2013 | Atlas Oil Keeps Your Grocery Inventory Fresh During Downtime

Downtime caused by power outages often results in a significant loss in sales for all retailers. But for food and grocery retailers in particular, the consequences can be much more severe and even become health concerns. Without proper refrigeration a large percentage of grocery store inventory can be ruined and must be disposed of. It is critical that food retailers not only maintain reliable .... Read More >>

12.01.2013 | Buildings Magazine | Gear Up for Grid Failure
How to protect against power outages

By Jennie Morton Buildings have become increasingly susceptible to brownouts, power surges, and rolling blackouts. Addressing power outages has evolved beyond a code requirement to a necessary part of keeping your business and facility operations protected. Learn about backup strategies and systems you can adopt to minimize potential disruptions. THE EYE OF THE STORM Severe weather rem .... Read More >>

11.22.2013 | Atlas Oil Emergency Fueling Solutions Delivers Fuel to Mission Critical Businesses In Wake Of Weekend Storms

TAYLOR, Mich., – After the Midwest was rocked by a series of tornadoes and severe storms on Sunday that left an estimated 235,000 Southeast Michigan homes and businesses without power, Atlas Oil’s Emergency Fueling Solutions (EFS) delivered more than 10,000 gallons of emergency fuel to local mission-critical businesses including major food retailers, telecom companies and health .... Read More >>

10.24.2013 | Atlas Oil Emergency Fueling Solutions Shares Emergency Preparedness Tips For Health Care Facilities

TAYLOR, Mich., – As we reflect on the one-year anniversary of Superstorm Sandy, one of the deadliest weather events in U.S. history, Atlas Oil Emergency Fueling Solutions (Atlas Oil EFS) extends emergency preparedness tips to mission critical health care facilities. Atlas Oil Executive Vice President Bob Kenyon provided the tips as part of the company's reflection on the storm's anniversary .... Read More >>

10.22.2013 | IMT | Expert's Corner: Social Media Tools for Manufacturers in Times of Disaster

By Mike Keating In his latest Expert's Corner, Michael Keating outlines social media resources that manufacturers can rely on after a disaster. This is Keating's third installment of a series on disaster planning and recovery. Keating discussed preserving the supply chain here. Future installments in his disaster series will cover helpful manufacturing consortiums and document recovery. Manu .... Read More >>

10.21.2013 | Security InfoWatch | Lights Out: Lessons Learned from the Great Northeast Blackout

While 10 years may have passed since the 2003 blackout, the threat of power outages has not diminished. On the contrary, it is an ongoing — and growing — security threat. The number of large outages (defined as those that impact more than 50,000 individuals) has been on the increase since the early 1990s. News headline-making outages are just the tip of the iceberg; it is in fact the .... Read More >>

10.15.2013 | GlobeST.com | Fade to Blackout, the Hidden Truth

By Bob Kenyon, Executive Vice President, Atlas Oil TAYLOR, MI-It was all because of a few tree limbs and a simple software glitch. An alarm system bug in the control room of an Ohio energy company helped to transform what should have been a small-scale local outage into a cascade of system failures that led to the great Northeast Blackout of 2003. In all, approximately 55 million people were imp .... Read More >>

10.01.2013 | IMT | Expert's Corner: How Manufacturers Can Preserve the Supply Chain After a Disaster

By Mike Keating A smart plan that maximizes a manufacturer's supply chain can be a huge advantage in disaster recovery. In his latest Expert's Corner series on disaster recovery, Michael Keating offers advice and resources that can help businesses construct such plans. Quick planning helped one automotive manufacturer boost its market share following the 2011 Japanese earthquake and tsunami .... Read More >>

9.27.2013 | Penny for Your Thoughts: Disaster Preparedness Is Key

As mission critical businesses, banks, credit unions and financial institutions are crucial in maintaining normalcy in disaster situations. If people can't access their funds and accounts, panic sets in and financial mayhem can occur. Not to mention, commerce on a larger scale, is jeopardized when businesses can't service the public. One key element in keeping your financial institution up and .... Read More >>

9.20.2013 | Your Data Center: First Comes Planning Then Comes Recovery

How prepared is your IT infrastructure for the next Superstorm Sandy or big power outage? Having a response plan and disaster recovery process in place is the best defense against risk of downtime and interruption to business continuity. Even the biggest, most reputable companies experience issues... just ask Amazon. In 2011 and 2012, the U.S. faced the most billion-dollar power outages on re .... Read More >>

9.13.2013 | Health Facilities: Who is your EMS?

Superstorm Sandy caused 5 New York City hospitals to close, displaced nearly 2,000 patients and cost the facilities an estimated $1 billion for emergency response measures. With so many lives in its hands, your health care facility cannot afford even one second of downtime. Unfortunately, power outages, natural disasters and other unanticipated emergencies are inevitable. The question is, will .... Read More >>

8.27.2013 | Flexible disaster recovery options emerge on 24/7 availability demand

By: Meredith Courtmanche As disaster recovery expectations change in a business climate that can't live without IT, disaster recovery options are also changing. While regulated and public companies are accustomed to stringent business continuity planning, data center managers that hadn't thought much about disaster recovery (DR) now demand high availability. A disaster recovery plan is a mu .... Read More >>

8.23.2013 | Becker's Hospital Review | Disaster Preparation 101:
3 Post-Blackout Lessons on the Anniversary of the Northeast Blackout

The number one thing hospitals can do to prepare for a blackout is to ensure there will always be fuel Written by Helen Gregg Ten years ago this month, a software bug in an Ohio company's control room caused a widespread, multi-day blackout, affecting 45 million Americans across eight states on the East Coast and through parts of the upper Midwest. Many hospitals in the area were affected as .... Read More >>

8.13.2013 | REBusiness Online | Northeast Blackout 10-Year Anniversary:
How To Prepare For Future Outages

Bob Kenyon By: Bob Kenyon, EVP Atlas Oil Emergency Fueling Solutions It is an anniversary that many would like to forget: Ten years ago on Aug.14, the massive Northeast Blackout left around 50 million people in the U.S. and Canada in the dark. As we think back to 2003, it is worth remembering that blackouts continue to pose significant operational challenges for real estate professionals here .... Read More >>


TAYLOR, Mich., August 13, 2013 — According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the 2013 hurricane season could bring above average storm activity, predicting as many as 19 named storms and nine hurricanes, making it even more important for companies and executives to be adequately prepared for potentially devastating storms, says Bob Kenyon, executive vice president of At .... Read More >>

8.02.2013 | REJournals | Operating in the dark:
How real estate professionals can prepare for tomorrow’s outage

August 14 will mark the 10-year anniversary of the 2003 Northeast Blackout that left about 50 million people in North America without power. While there hasn’t been another outage of that magnitude since, blackouts continue to be a leading cause of business interruption and operational challenges for real estate professionals here in the Midwest. In 2012 alone, there were 125 reported powe .... Read More >>

7.24.2013 | The Street | Peak Hurricane Season Looms and Oil and Gas Prices Will Blow

By Ellen Chang New York — With the peak hurricane season approaching, energy companies are ramping up their efforts to protect their assets and ensure there is enough oil and gas in case a major storm makes landfall. Oil, gas and power supplies are affected by extreme weather changes and prices of the commodities can be volatile before and after a storm. Exploration and .... Read More >>


Is Your Business in a High Risk Area for Power Outages? Taylor, Mich., July 22, 2013 — As we approach the 10-year anniversary of the 2003 Northeast Blackout that left 30 million Americans without power—the worst in our country’s history—Emergency Fuel Solutions (EFS), a division of Taylor, Mich.-based Atlas Oil, encourages business executives in high-risk areas to plan ah .... Read More >>

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